Yahya Zhanguzarov

Akhiya-Khadji Zhangurazov was a prominent Islamic leader of the Balkar people, whose name was known far beyond the borders of his native gorge. This bright figure with a dramatic fate, full of suffering for the just cause, a zealous fighter of which he was.

He was born in 1870 in the village of Nizhny Kunnyum. The elder of the Zhangurazov family gave him the name of the prophet Yakhya. He graduated from madrasa in Derbent and received higher religious education in Turkey and Iraq. He made four hajj to Mecca. After returning to his native gorge, Akhiya-Khadji began to preach Islam, became chairman of Sharia court of Balkarian society and one of the initiators of anti-feudal and later anti-Soviet riots.

In 1917, Zhangurazov called on the residents of the gorge not to participate in the revolutionary movement, because both the Bolsheviks and the Cadets were alien to Muslims in all respects, and ordinary Balkars could arrange their lives according to the laws of Allah's Sharia. by themselves. He was a supporter of the isolated development of Balkarian society.

After the establishment of the Soviet power, there were several attempts to arrest Akhiya, but he had a great respect and authority among the people, and they did not let this happen. Attempts to arrest forced Akhiya and his supporters into hiding in Svaneti, until 1923. In the fall of 1925 a cavalry detachment of the police made two more unsuccessful attempts to arrest him, but in the end they managed to do that. He was sent into exile on charges of anti-Soviet activities. In May 1929 Akhiya-Khadji returned to his homeland.

But soon they came for Zhangurazov again, which forced him to escape and hide in the mountains for almost five years. In 1934 Akhiya with the adherents was found by operative group of OGPU and killed while praying near village Doguat.

A tragic fate befell this stocky man, who had a tremendous amount of energy, was teaching people about Islam, for which he was disliked by the authorities. But he continued on his way, fighting for his truth, and tried not to curse anyone, even his fierce enemies.
"Yakhya Zhangurazov" 2019. Paper, tempera. 73.8х45.7
Akhiya-Khadji Zhangurazov was a prominent Islamic figure of the Balkar people.
He preached Islam, was chairman of the Sharia Court of the Balkar Society, and was one of the initiators of anti-feudal, and later anti-Soviet demonstrations.
He was a supporter of separate development of Balkarian society.
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