Abrek Zaur

Zaur Ambalov, originally from the Ossetian village of Kakadur, became an abrek for a very simple banal reason. The young man was called up in the army and assigned to military service in Pyatigorsk in one of the regiments of the Terek Cossack Army.

The freedom-loving highlander abrek Zaur, standing up for a mountaineer soldier and accidentally killing an officer, turned out to be an outlaw. Troops were rushed to capture the rebellious soldier. A large reward was promised for his head. But Abrek Zaur was impossible to catch.
Daring adventures of the abrek of Dargav were aimed mainly to annoy the local administration, which he kept in fear and which tried in vain to capture him. Not once he gave formidable warnings to those who offended the poor, who needed protection. He always came to the help of the poor people, and for this they responded to him with friendship.
Zaur's mysterious adventures, his stealth and elusiveness, his ability to cross military posts and borders undetected, his nobility and justice that nature generously endowed him with, made the people like him, and he was loved, supported and respected by all in his neighbourhood. The population saw abreks as their heroes and defenders, and supported them in every possible way. The name of abrek Zaur grew with legends, he was on the lips of contemporaries, however, very little significant evidence, written or material, has survived about him.

There was dedicated to an image of fearless and agile Zaur a film of the same name, about the fight of highlanders headed by abrek Zaurbek with the tsarist authorities in the middle of the XIX century. The adventures of the protagonist are taken almost entirely from the real life of great abreks, and, above all, from the life of Zelimkhan Kharachoi, who from 1901 to 1913 was a menace to all the tsarist functionaries and generals in the Caucasus.

The film “Abrek Zaur” tells us about the stubborn struggle that the population of the Caucasus waged against the tsarist government, tells us about the life of a courageous fighter, explains why the highlanders were becoming abreks.
"Abrek Zaur" 2019. Paper,tempera. 70,7х52,9
"Every Highlander has true friends:
a horse, a rifle, and a saber."
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