Khasukha Magomadov

Khasukha Magomadov is the last abrek in the North Caucasus, alone highland warrior who for several decades was elusive for law enforcement authorities.

He was born in a small aul in the Shatoysky district of Chechnya in the spring of 1905, and lived the life of a simple peasant until he was 32. As a young man, Khasukha studied in the madrassa, where he mastered the Arabic language, and was known among his fellow villagers as a scholar, quite competent in matters of Islam. He married and had a family - four sons and a daughter.

But the year 1939 turned out to be a turning point in Khasukha Magomadov's fate. In the summer of 1939 he murdered a fellow villager. According to one version, before his death the murdered man managed to say that he himself was to blame for the tragedy and that the Sharia court would find Magomadov innocent. However, Khasukha was forced into abreks and joined a detachment that year that took part in an anti-Soviet rebellion in the North Caucasus. However, members of the detachment sooner or later fell into the hands of the NKVD. Magomadov noticed this pattern, left the detachment, and until his death in 1976, acted alone.
He managed to avoid the Stalinist deportation of 1944. But that time was the most difficult for him - there were no Chechens left in Chechnya, and Khasukha was in fact a lone wolf.
According to various sources, in the 1940s-1970s he carried out attacks on Communist representatives - policemen, officials, сhekists. And all these years Khasukha remained completely elusive - this abrek knew his native mountains too well.
Khasukha was tracked down and liquidated only on March 25, 1976 - by that time the abrek had become an old man, completely exhausted from his long solitary life in the mountains.
According to legend, the сhekists caught Magomadov near the village of Benoy, Shatoi district, digging a grave, in which Magomadov was already preparing to lie down. The old man felt that his end was near: shortly before his death, he passed a note to his older brother to come to the cemetery and bury him as a Muslim.

Khasukha Magomedov stayed in the abrek for about 35 years - more than half of his conscious life. He went down in history as one of the most steadfast loners who for years were resisting the authorities with weapons in their hands
"Ask the eagle where he is?"
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